ACA Assignment – Persuasive Speech to motivate sales personnels of TOTO

An automobile manufacturing company launched a new car TOTO. The sales of the car skyrocketed at first but dipped tremendously in the next quarter. The marketing team is presently de-motivated and so I, the Chief Marketing Officer addressed them to persuade and motivate them.

In the beginning, I congratulated them for exceeding the sales target that we had set in the previous quarter. After congratulating them and making them feel comfortable, I began to talk to them about the present condition. They were very disheartened as if the condition could not be improved. I told them that that I did understand that the sales had dipped a little but we had analyzed the situation and had found various alternative solutions. So all we needed to do was to change our attitudes and set the ball rolling.

We had launched TOTO together with a dream that our car will be owned by every household who wished to have a car but could never afford more than a two wheeler. Initially our sales were much more than expected. It proves that there exists a demand in the market for such a product. We analyzed that we had not reached out to the people the way we should have. Our showrooms were a lot fancier than places the customers in our target market would go to; we asked our sales people to be extremely presentable for our customers but realized that it was a big mistake. The customers did not feel comfortable in such an environment. Also, we did not advertize TOTO as much as we should have.

But to persuade them, I tried to remind them of the sales figures. Even after doing all these mistakes, we were able to sell large volumes. Just with a few changes in our strategy, we would be able to do wonders. To rectify our errors, we had tried to change the ambience of our showrooms. Our sales people now just had to be there and speak to our customers in the language they feel comfortable in and make them feel like to-be proud owners of a car.

For the operational problems that existed, we came up with lucrative after sales service offers. The sales team just had to go out n let people know about all this and build up their trust in TOTO once again. Apart from this, we had to concentrate on more marketing and promotion of TOTO.

It was not the time to be sitting de-motivated. We have to go out there and work innovatively to achieve our goals. We all had to believe in TOTO once more. We had to believe in our self once more. We had to fight the obstacles and try to achieve our dream. The dream we saw of every man who could not imagine driving a car having one now.

I reminded them that we started with an aim of achieving heights by working together. We knew that obstacles might come in our path and we had pledged to overcome them. I tried to make them feel more confident that they in themselves what is required to fulfill our dream.

Before bidding them goodbye, I wished them all the luck for achieving our dream and told them that I hope to be addressing them soon to congratulate them for bringing up the sales of TOTO once again.

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